Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"You no eat me..."

I had an idea for a picture book blast into my head the other day and I instantly wanted to see one of the characters. I am not going to say what the book is about, because I have yet to even pitch it to an editor, but it stars a few cavemen. Here's a first shot at one of these brutes. I like the line, but feel he's a bit stiff, and his hand gesture is not reading well. I drew this at the dinner table while my first grade son did his homework, so I was a bit distratcted.

I really want to push the cartoony elements of my drawing with this book, because it has potential to be a very, very funny, and a good read-aloud as well. It was drawn with marker, colored pencil and a sharpie. No computer at all. If this book goes forward, I plan to make it my first non-digital book.

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