Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fangbone! TV Pilot Art

Wow!  I have a great big pile of Fangbone! TV pilot art to share with you today.  I've been sitting on this all summer, but was recently given the go-ahead to post it.  All of the below work was drawn by the wonderful people at Mercury Filmworks.  None of it is mine.

This is what Fangbone's cave looks like now.

The kitchen in Bill's house.

 This is a battle dummy that Fangbone uses to develop his barbarian skills.

 Here are the two other Skullbania warriors that will be regulars on the show.

You can nevr have enough trolls.

 Here's a sketch of Drool's throne room.  This was used to determine scale.  That little red guy is Drool.

Action pose of Fangbone.  This was one of the first pieces that was produced to get a sense of what the who would look like.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Two types of sketches...

Over the last two weeks I have had very little time to do any "real" work.  Camp is over, but school has not started yet.  That means I have the boys at home all day.  We have a lot of fun, and I keep them busy. I get some work done at night after they are in bed, but sometimes I'm just too wiped out.   I have, however, had some time to sketch and just have fun with my drawings.

Below are two sets of sketches.  The first is observational drawings, and the second is creative work. However, all the sketches were done with the same materials and technique.  For these drawings, I put in the goldish/brown value first using watercolor, and then drew all of the lines.  I'm usually a slave to line, so this was a good opportunity for me to try to shake off some of my bad habits.