Friday, January 20, 2012

A review from a different perspective...

Here's another good review from a blog. This time, it comes from Gail Gauthier who is also an author. I like they way she clearly states what works for her, and why. I always appreciate when someone puts this much thought into a review. It's much more satisfying than a little blurb written by committee.

From Gail's blog, Original Content..."In Fangbone's barbarian world, he isn't taken seriously as a warrior because he's a child. He's enthusiastic but treated as a servant. He's ambitious, though, and plans to one day have his own army. When his leader is ordered by the clan master to send someone to another land to hide the big toe of Drool (what that's about is slowly revealed--no info dump at the beginning of the story), the older barbarians feel they are all too adept at fighting to leave the battle. So Fangbone volunteers to become the protector of the toe."

For the rest of the review, please visit Original Content

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