Sunday, August 18, 2013

Urban Sketching in Brooklyn

On Saturday the 17th, I took the Ikea ferry over to Red Hook with the NYC Urban Sketchers group. We got off at the Fairway supermarket and hung around that area for a while.  Outside of Fairway are a bunch of old, busted up trolleys.

This is the front of one of the trolleys with the Fairway umbrellas in front of it.  I added the colors, and cropped it when I got home.  Below is the original drawing scanned directly from my sketchbook.  I regret putting in the marker value on the original.

Here's another one of the trolley, this one is of the wrecked side doors.  This is all traditional media on paper.  No digital work here.

This is a quick one of one of the old windows and shutters in the Fairway building.

Lastly, I present, The Red Hook Yacht Club.  This is about a block away from Fairway, and is one of the most fun things that I have ever drawn.  It seems to be a social club for some of the senior members of the community, and they were all very friendly and very interested in our work.  They even gave us some bread to munch on while we drew.

This is exactly how it looks in the sketchbook. This was all done on location while sitting on the sidewalk.  I really like this one, and want to do something more with it, but I'm not sure what.  I could render it all in black and white hatching (like I have started), I could add digital color, or  I could drop in some watercolor.  I just don't know yet.  Who knows, maybe it's already done.


  1. Love these! Especially love the Red Hook Yacht Club. The front of the trolley (colored version) reminds me of Bona Fett for some reason. Great talent!

  2. I'd love to go along on one of these expeditions some time. I've done group sketching a couple of times and really enjoyed it... really a different experience than going on your own.

  3. Boba, not bons...this is Brenda from VA, by the way..