Friday, February 8, 2013

New Illustration Ideas #4

A while back, I posted this text, along with this image on Facebook.
"I've been trying out some different illustration techniques, and while I'm not happy with the results I figured I would post this one. I like the idea. I wanted the drawing to feel loose, but it just looks rushed. I was hoping that the colors (scanned colored papers) would add some texture, but it still looks a bit flat. It doesn't go far enough in any specific direction. Back to the drawing board, literally."

I received a good amount of feedback, ranging from positive, to well-thought-out critiques, and possible ways to use the texture better.  Oddly, through a third party, one of the people who commented was Eric Carle.  This was done in a private message.  He was thorough in his opinion, but what he wrote has really struck a chord in me.
"He has too many excuses, should have more confidence in what he is doing. Be bold. One should not "try different styles", one should at one point arrive at ones own style. I always say: it is better to fail with ones own style than succeed with some one else's style...maybe he shouldn't worry so much."

I'm going to have to let that settle in.

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