Wednesday, August 31, 2011

School Visit Programs

Hello, and I hope you've all had a wonderful summer. Here's some updated information on the different programs I do when visiting schools. Each of my presentations can be tailored to fit a specific age group and the needs of a curriculum. If you are interested in having me visit your school, and if you have any questions about adapting any of these programs, please feel free to ask.

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Beginning, Middle, End: How Does a Book Get Made?
This is a very nuts and bolts presentation about the long, involved process of how a book is made. From the initial idea, to the printed book, I show the students all the steps in between. Notes, sketches, final art, revised art, and story revisions will be explored and analyzed. I will draw for the students, and, if time allows, have the children draw along. This is my "basic" program and is best for large assembly groups.

Story Cards!
Using a few random index cards with carefully selected words written on them, I show students how a story can quickly be created. The students can join in, create their own cards, and generate their own wild and unpredictable stories.

Parody This!
Drawing from my experience learning under Mad Magazine creator Harvey Kurtzman, I discuss my parody work (Goodnight Goon, Runaway Mummy, Furious George Goes Bananas) and lead the students through their own parody of a poplar song, TV show, book, or movie. Sticking to a theme, being satiric without being rude, and most of all, keeping it funny will be covered.

What Makes it Funny?
Using picture books, comic strips and gag panels, I work alongside the students to investigate why something is funny. Through discussions about timing, simplicity, expectations and opposite outcomes, students will learn how to inject more humor into their writing and drawing. Laughter guaranteed.

Writer's Block got you down? Try making a list. Students will be asked to generate a list of subjects, people, places, and activities that peak their interest and that are important to them. This list will then be used as a blueprint for their own original stories.

Parent's Night: Meet the Family!
In this evening presentation, I cover the basics of creating a well-rounded character. Using list-making techniques and interviews, students and their parents will learn more about each other, and then pick and choose the most interesting answers to build a new, fictional, member of their family.

K-5 is best. However, I have started to do Middle Schools, and have talked to an occasional High School group. With the older students, the process, not the content, of my writing is the main focus.

Length of Programs
All programs are about 45-50 minutes long. Shorter, 25 minute long presentations can be made for Kindergarten students if needed.

Audience Size
I'm comfortable with audiences of all sizes, and I will work to meet the needs of each individual school.


  1. Michael, I found your blog quite by chance; I really like your work! Nice, clean, and very funny!

  2. Thanks for the nice compliment.---Mike