Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Wow. It’s here. It’s finally here in my hands. My first graphic novel for kids. “Fangbone! Third Grade Barbarian,” will be published in April of 2012 by Putnam, the publishers of my last six picture books. It’s a 128 page full-on comic about a young barbarian who ends up in our world, and has to figure out how deal with school, hot-wings, and indoor plumbing, all while protecting a magic evil toe. Of course.

I started this about a while back, and it’s been a huge project. Today I received a copy of the bound galleys. Galleys are cheap, quick print runs that are sent out for reviews and used by the sales and marketing teams. While the cover is full color, the interior is black and white. The book will be in two colors, orange and black, when it goes to its first proper printing.

I’m currently working on book #2 and #3, and all will be out during 2012. I am so excited by this. I feel that it’s the funniest, warmest, goofiest and most appealing thing I’ve ever done. If I were in third grade, I’d go goofy over this book! I will be posting much, much more about Fangbone.

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  1. Hey Michael! I remember you from Mrs. Van Voort's art class in high school. It's exciting to see how well you've done with your art. Mrs. Van Voort would be so proud of you!

    My oldest son would love this book. I will have him on the look out for it next year. He reminds me a lot of what I remember you being like. He's more pencil than pen and ink, but he's constantly drawing, everywhere he goes (often when he shouldn't be! lol) He hopes to make a career out of art too; I hope he does as well as you.

    Congratulations again on your success!

    Gretchen (Troyer) Harman