Friday, November 19, 2010

International Primate Protection League

The International Primate Protection League is a “grassroots wildlife protection organization” that promotes “the conservation and protection of all nonhuman primates, great and small, around the world.” In other words, they’re good people.
Please, take a few moments to stop by their site and find out more about the IPPL and the great work that they do.

Their September 2010 issue of "IPPL News" features an entire page dedicated to “Furious George Goes Bananas!” There’s even a contest for children to draw George, and they can win a book signed by me! When it's announced, I'll make sure to post the winning entry.

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  1. Love IPPL! One of the gibbons from Turtle Back Zoo retired to their sanctuary recently and our keepers gave us (volunteer docents) a great slide presentation about the facility and the caring staff there in SC. That's terrific that you are collaborating.

    Wendi Mulvey