Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Furious George Goes Bananas" Live! The Opposite of Avatar!

On Saturday, June 12th, I had a dream come true. With some fantastic help, I put on a play of one of my books at The Chatham Playhouse, home of the Chatham Community Players, in New Jersey. I had done many shows there as a child, and cut my acting teeth on that very stage!

We performed an awesome, amazing, and exhilarating version of my latest book, “Furious George Goes Bananas!” It was as if the illustrations walked right off the page and onto center stage!

We went all out on the production! No prop was too intricate! No costume was too outlandish! No spectacle was too elaborate! The following shots are from the first of two packed performances.

Which is the book?

Which is the stage show?

I dare you to tell the difference!

Here, in an early pivotal scene, the Man in the Funny Hat lures George with a pile of bananas! Such authenticity!

Midway through the story, the drama heats up, and George gets furious at a construction site! Such vision!

In the penultimate scene, George is taken advantage of by a scientist! Such pathos!

Laughs! Heartache! Whimsy! Histrionics! It had it all!

Stay tuned for more!

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